Which of these three things are illegal for renters in Oregon?

The laws on renters and their property are often murky, so let’s take a look at some of the most frequently used laws and how they work.1.Renters may not use the Internet to sell their property.Oregon law prohibits the use of any Internet service to sell or rent property.2.Renting a car may not be used

Arizona: Unclaimed property owners must return, Arizona’s new law requires

The Arizona legislature passed legislation on Wednesday that would require owners of unclaimed or unclaimed-property property to return it to the state.Under the bill, property owners who have had their property declared a public nuisance would have to return the property to the owner, the bill states.The owner would also have to pay for the

How to avoid ‘citation fatigue’

In the days after the Trump administration’s declaration that it was ending the opioid epidemic, drug makers were scrambling to find ways to keep their customers on their toes.The pharmaceutical industry has been grappling with this question for decades.Its history of marketing and selling opioids to opioid users, which has included marketing a drug that

How to find the identity property of water in Louisiana

Identifying the identity of a property in Louisiana is complicated.A property owner may not register its identity with the state of Louisiana, but it’s possible to identify a property that has not been registered.This article gives you an idea of the steps you can take to determine if a property has been registered or not.To