What happens if you have a property with a ‘whitewater’ interest

The property is considered a property of a business, meaning the owner is responsible for its maintenance and upkeep, and the bank is responsible to the business for the bank’s share of the profit.If the property is in the public domain and the owner has a personal interest in the property, the owner can file

When the State of California is not using the best property tax formula, it should be using a different one

California State Treasurer Doug Ericksen announced this week that he plans to issue a report outlining the State’s property tax revenue over the next five years.The Treasurer’s report is being dubbed “The Treasure” as he seeks to provide a clearer picture of the state’s revenue structure and to put a more accurate face on the

UK’s biggest property search has moved to the Google Home app

Search giant Google has announced a new feature for the Google Assistant, giving it access to the data stored in a property database that can help it make a smarter property selection.Google Home is a new home assistant that will automatically launch its services and applications when users sign in to their Google account, with

Why Missouri property tax may be up in smoke, says attorney

LOUISVILLE, Ky.— It was a big day for the attorney general in Missouri.Louisville attorney general Jim Strickland said Tuesday that a new federal law passed earlier this month makes it easier for the state to levy property taxes on homes that are valued at more than $500,000.The law, which was signed by President Donald Trump