Portland Lighthouse Property Management Is Not a Tax Lien!

Posted November 29, 2018 03:06:01 Portland Lighthouses Property Management LLC has been the subject of several class action lawsuits, which the company has denied.This latest news comes from the Portland Press Herald.The company has filed for bankruptcy, and it is seeking to reorganize and transfer all its assets to a “foreclosure trust.”As part of the

When Maryland’s property tax lien expires, Maryland taxpayers are left with a big question

A Maryland property tax liens are going away after a series of court rulings that could potentially leave taxpayers stuck with the debt.Maryland Gov.Larry Hogan announced Thursday that Maryland’s two most recent liens will expire at the end of July.That leaves Maryland taxpayers on the hook for $10 million in unpaid property taxes.The tax lians

A judge is giving a new look at a property tax lotto scam in New Jersey

NEW JERSEY – The latest twist in a string of cases involving the bogus property tax money laundering scheme has been uncovered in a New Jersey court.A judge in Camden on Monday ordered a new trial for a man convicted of defrauding investors by offering them money for real estate investments.A jury last month convicted