Texas woman charged with selling $2 million worth of property without a deed

Tennessee (AFP) – A Texas woman has been charged with illegally selling $3.2 million in property without any paperwork, according to a police report.Travis County District Attorney Kevin Harris said the 32-year-old woman was arrested in March on a felony count of real property transfer without a registered owner and felony counts of sale of

The US states where you can find a massachusetts unowned property

The US is not alone in its struggle to find a property tax base to keep pace with rising house prices.While many states in the western US are struggling to pay their own property taxes, it is California, where property taxes are among the highest in the country.The state’s total tax revenue of $12.4bn last

Taxpayers will soon be able to track the money they spend on Google’s patents

California Gov.Gavin Newsom has signed legislation that would allow property owners to track their property taxes on Google patents.Newsom signed the legislation into law on Thursday, as the tech giant is set to begin paying a one-time $10 million tax on the patents that it owns in the state.The new legislation allows property owners and