What you need to know about the city’s property tax record

Posted November 07, 2018 12:38:57 Property tax records in the Greater Manchester region are in for a major shake-up after the Government announced a £300m cut in the amount of land it had to hand over to local authorities.Property managers and local authorities have complained that the Government’s cut has meant they can no longer

Portland Lighthouse Property Management Is Not a Tax Lien!

Posted November 29, 2018 03:06:01 Portland Lighthouses Property Management LLC has been the subject of several class action lawsuits, which the company has denied.This latest news comes from the Portland Press Herald.The company has filed for bankruptcy, and it is seeking to reorganize and transfer all its assets to a “foreclosure trust.”As part of the

How to buy a house in Portland

When you are looking to buy an apartment in Portland, you may want to consider the property management company Pinnacle Property Management.The Portland-based company has built a reputation for making property management and building homes look easy.It also offers an easy to understand pricing structure for the property.Pinnacle is one of the largest property management

Why you should trust a new Oregon property management company to do your property management – and why you shouldn’t, because it’s not a real company

The Portland-based property management giant that has become a go-to for homebuyers in the Portland area is selling property management services that are at least partly based on its founder and CEO’s business model. In a press release, TinyTower Property Management has said that its “comprehensive property management platform allows customers to easily build and manage their

UK’s biggest property search has moved to the Google Home app

Search giant Google has announced a new feature for the Google Assistant, giving it access to the data stored in a property database that can help it make a smarter property selection.Google Home is a new home assistant that will automatically launch its services and applications when users sign in to their Google account, with