What happens if you have a property with a ‘whitewater’ interest

The property is considered a property of a business, meaning the owner is responsible for its maintenance and upkeep, and the bank is responsible to the business for the bank’s share of the profit.If the property is in the public domain and the owner has a personal interest in the property, the owner can file

How much can you recover for the $3 million of unclaimed land in the ACT?

Posted August 13, 2018 16:34:50 The land is now owned by the ACT Government.It was estimated to have a value of about $3.2 million.The Government has put it up for sale in an auction.If you or someone you know has been left without title to your property in the state of Queensland, you could be

Taxpayers will soon be able to track the money they spend on Google’s patents

California Gov.Gavin Newsom has signed legislation that would allow property owners to track their property taxes on Google patents.Newsom signed the legislation into law on Thursday, as the tech giant is set to begin paying a one-time $10 million tax on the patents that it owns in the state.The new legislation allows property owners and