How to find California’s Unclaimed Property Tax Source Hacker News

If you want to see how much the average homeowner owes in property taxes in your state, just search for “columbia uncharged” in the Google search bar.The result page is a table with the number of unclaimed properties in each state.As you can see, the most populated state is California, with 6.4 unclaimed tax dollars

New York City property search reveals hundreds of thousands of unclaimed properties in the state

New York, NY —  For the past six months, the owner of a Manhattan condominium has been trying to get his property listed in the National Register of Historic Places.The listing, which is part of the city’s Historic Preservation Program, has not yet been completed, and he is still waiting to hear back from the

How the federal government is helping to identify more than $150 million worth of coal ash in Alabama

The federal government has set up a task force to find more than 150 million acres of unclaimed coal ash from the American West, a new report says.The land has been designated for the Appalachian National Preserve, but it’s unclear if the government will continue to do so after the ash is removed, said Mark

How to find a Coj property from the Google property search

Coj Property Search is a search engine that lets you find the property you’re looking for in Google Maps.Coj offers a huge selection of properties, including many of the most popular properties on the web.You can find Coj Properties on Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps, and many other popular search engines.You’ll also find Cojs