How much can you recover for the $3 million of unclaimed land in the ACT?

Posted August 13, 2018 16:34:50 The land is now owned by the ACT Government.It was estimated to have a value of about $3.2 million.The Government has put it up for sale in an auction.If you or someone you know has been left without title to your property in the state of Queensland, you could be

How the federal government is helping to identify more than $150 million worth of coal ash in Alabama

The federal government has set up a task force to find more than 150 million acres of unclaimed coal ash from the American West, a new report says.The land has been designated for the Appalachian National Preserve, but it’s unclear if the government will continue to do so after the ash is removed, said Mark

MD Real Property Appraiser: $10,000 in SARASOTA property

SARASOTAN, Fla.— A real estate appraiser with the Maryland State Police says the property he is looking to buy includes $10 million worth of property that was allegedly lost or damaged by a hurricane, but the sheriff’s office said Thursday the property has not been recovered.“The property we are looking to purchase is in Sarasota

How to calculate the property value of your house

Posted February 15, 2018 05:15:24 It is a fairly simple calculation to make.You take the total property value and multiply it by the value of the house.You divide the property by the number of occupants in the house to get the total number of people living in the property.Then you add the number you get