Wisconsen unclaimed properties: An overview

Posted October 01, 2018 09:18:53 An interesting story of a Wisconsin couple who found the remains of their own daughter on a roadside in a remote area of western Wisconsin.

The couple, Jim and Donna Leach, filed for a civil claim against the property manager of the property in 2014, claiming the family was unaware of the discovery until a reporter showed up to investigate.

According to court documents, the couple told the manager they’d been hiking the night before and were “in the middle of nowhere.”

The manager allegedly told the couple they’d be able to see the remains, but only if they brought their dog.

After getting a call back from the couple, the manager took the couple to the property and left them there.

When they returned a week later, they found the property empty.

The Leachs decided to investigate further and were able to discover that the remains were actually the remains a dog, as Donna had stated on a previous search.

They took the remains to a local veterinarian, who determined that the dog had died of natural causes and the remains belonged to the Leach family.

The family contacted the Leaches and the property was sold to them.

A year later, the Leachers moved back to Wisconsin, where they are now living in a house they purchased a few years ago.