How to use the NHLPA tax calculator

The NHLPA is giving you a new tool to help you understand what your tax bill might look like next year.

The tax calculator was developed by NHLPA member and CEO Bernie Nicholls, who says the tool is a “major step forward” in the organization’s effort to reduce its tax burden.

Nicholls says the tax calculator allows users to see exactly how much the NHL’s tax burden will be in 2018, how much each team will owe on the cap, and how much they’re expected to pay.

The calculator can help the NHL assess its tax obligations, but it also shows you how much money you should be paying on the rest of your income.

It is important to note that the NHLTax calculator uses a standard, one-year rolling average instead of an annual average, so there may be fluctuations on your tax bills in the coming years.

The NHLPA currently has $1.5 billion in tax liabilities, with $500 million in deferred tax.

The tax calculator will help you make your tax calculations easier.