The 20 Best Chemical Weapons Targets on YouTube

Chemical weapons have become the hottest battlefield in the Middle East, with the number of targets in Syria increasing by 50% since 2014.

Here are 20 of the most notable locations and the chemical weapons they target.

Syria’s civil war has seen a sharp rise in the number and type of weapons used in Syria, with several countries including Russia, Iran and Turkey, all of which have access to the Assad regime’s stockpiles, launching new attacks on rebel groups.

The US, which has been carrying out airstrikes in Syria since 2015, has also made a huge number of new targets in the country.

Here’s our guide to the most prominent chemical weapons sites in the world.


Damascus, Syria A large number of chemical weapons were discovered in Syria by the UN in 2016.

Syria has a long history of developing chemical weapons and has long been suspected of developing them in the past.

The Syrian government has said it does not use chemical weapons.

However, recent reports have linked the Syrian government to the use of chemical agents in Idlib province, where it has been fighting an uprising against the Assad government.


Damascus city, Syria The country’s capital, Damascus, has been a major centre for the development of chemical weapon production.

As part of the war, Syrian soldiers were responsible for the discovery of dozens of chemicals, including mustard gas, which was used as a weapon against civilians in the city in August.

In September 2016, the Syrian army and its allies began using chemical weapons against rebel groups in the area.


Damascus suburb, Syria An air strike killed at least 50 people and injured hundreds in Damascus suburb in February 2017, as the Syrian regime intensified its offensive against rebel fighters in the region.

Chemical weapons were also found in residential areas of the Damascus suburb and in the residential area of al-Mousah neighbourhood in central Damascus.


Homs suburb, Homs The Syrian city of Homs has been the epicentre of the conflict.

In July 2017, the government launched an attack on rebel-held neighbourhoods in the suburb, where they seized the government headquarters, including the police station.

In August, the regime launched an offensive against the rebel-controlled al-Jadida neighbourhood in the centre of the city.


Aleppo city, Syrian Government forces attacked the rebel held neighbourhoods of Aleppo in September 2017, killing and injuring many people.

In October, the UN Security Council voted unanimously to condemn the attacks, which it said were “against international law and against international humanitarian law”.


Latakia province, Syria In March 2018, the US military launched a series of air strikes in the Latakia countryside, killing dozens of people.


Aleppo countryside, Syria Following the US air strikes, the Latakas military began a campaign to retake the area, which the government has occupied for the past six years.


Damascus suburbs, Syria After the US launched its attack on the Latayas, the army started an offensive in the Damascus suburbs to reclaim the areas.


Idlib province Syria Syrian forces launched an operation in Idlib Province, the country’s second-largest city, in September 2018, which resulted in the death of at least 45 people.

The offensive, which took place across the country, resulted in at least 1,500 deaths and wounded more than 4,000.


Aleppo province, Syrian Syrian government forces launched a campaign against rebel-control parts of the Lataysh countryside in August 2018, killing thousands of people, including at least 3,000 civilians.


Aleppo, Syria Rebel fighters, with Russian help, captured the town of Aleppo from the government in May 2019, following the beginning of the Syrian civil war.


Idlib, Syria Rebels have been battling the Syrian Government in Idlib, which is located in the north-east of the country and bordering Turkey.

The conflict has left more than 30,000 people dead and left millions more displaced.


Aleppo and Idlib province Syrian rebels launched a major offensive in Idlib on August 10, 2018, against the government forces in the Aleppo and northern Idlib provinces.


Idlib governorate Syrian rebels have launched a military operation in the Idlib governorates in the east, near the Turkish border, to capture the government-held town of Azaz.


Aleppo governorate Rebels have also launched an air offensive in Aleppo and the nearby countryside of Aleppo, which they captured on August 18.


Aleppo suburb, Syrian rebels are trying to take the town Azaz, which fell to the government last year, and are trying again to take it in August 2019.


Idlib city, The government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has been waging a brutal campaign against the rebels in Idlib since 2016.

Since the beginning, it has deployed tanks, artillery, rocket launchers, mortars, and armoured vehicles.

It has also been carrying on a massive operation to capture several neighbourhoods in Idlib.


Idlib Governorate The Syrian Army launched a massive military operation against rebels in the town, which had been held by the rebels since 2015