Why is property tax so expensive in India?

The cost of property taxes in India has soared over the past few years.

While the country is not the world’s most expensive place to buy or sell property, it is still not cheap.

And the country has been dealing with a significant slowdown in growth, which has contributed to a steep drop in property tax revenue.

Here are five reasons why property taxes are expensive in the country:1.

The tax base is too small: India’s population is roughly 3.2 billion and a significant number of people do not have access to bank accounts or credit cards.

To ensure tax revenue, the government has been expanding the property tax base.

The government has set up an advisory council to ensure tax relief for all Indians.2.

Property taxes are often levied for multiple reasons: the sale of property has been a major source of revenue for the government in the past, and the government’s goal is to encourage and encourage property owners to take advantage of these tax incentives.3.

Property tax revenues have not kept pace with inflation: While inflation has fallen in recent years, India’s real estate market is expected to continue to slow over the coming years.

In addition, property tax revenues are not sufficient to cover the cost of maintaining public services such as schools, roads, hospitals and sanitation.4.

The burden of taxation is disproportionately borne by the poor: Property taxes have been a part of the country’s budget for many years.

But it is only in recent times that property tax rates have begun to rise and that many households have been facing the burden of property tax.

In some cases, the burden has been even higher for the poor because of low property value and low-income households’ access to financial means.5.

Property ownership is not a viable option for the vast majority of Indians: India has a long history of property ownership, but its current economic situation makes it very difficult to retain ownership of property in the future.

Property prices in India have been rising in recent months, but many people still don’t have the means to purchase a property.

A recent survey by a real estate brokerage found that a quarter of India’s households have property income below the poverty line.