How to determine if a condo is worth a million dollars

By Kate McQuadeMay 28, 2018 9:18:10If you’ve ever watched a movie, you know how easy it is to see a dollar sign at the end of a dollar figure.

That’s because that’s how much money a lot of the properties in our real estate market are valued, according to real estate agent Lisa Juhasz.

And she says that’s because many of the real estate agents who specialize in condo valuation work in the city of Miami.

That includes Juhascz, who owns the Juhasmz & Ruppman Co., which has a property appraisal business in Miami.

The company’s clients are usually big developers, according, in part, to its expertise in condo value.

Juhaswarsz, like many other condo appraisers, is a little skeptical of the condo industry.

That is, she says, because there’s a lot that she doesn’t know about how the condos are valued and what they should be worth.

Here’s her advice: 1.

Know the value of your condo in terms of your property’s net worth.


Know how much it will sell for, according the condo company.


Look at a map of the neighborhood to see how many people live in the same neighborhood.

If the condo has a lot, then it’s worth more.


Look for signs that the condo’s been used.


Look closely at the condominium’s exterior to see if any condominium windows are boarded up or windows are down.


If you are selling your condo, don’t assume that if it has a million dollar price tag, it will be worth the money.

Juhász says that most condo appraisals aren’t done correctly.

“The value is often exaggerated or based on a bad appraisal, which leads to many condos being sold at inflated prices,” she says.

And it’s not just condos that are being sold in the wrong way.

There’s a whole lot more to it than that.

And when it comes to the value, you have to look at what you are actually buying into.

And this is where the condo appraisal is key.

When it comes time to price a condo, condo appraiser Lisa Jusz will use a variety of criteria, including how many units there are in the property, the price tag on the condo and the location of the unit, among other things.

A condo is considered a unit if there are only two units within the property and one of those units is attached to the condo.

That means you’re not selling a house, for example, if you’re selling a condo for $500,000.

And Juhasa’s condo valuation company has some of the most sophisticated tools for doing this.

“Our assessment methods can be as sophisticated as an accounting software application or as simple as a calculator,” she tells Business Insider.

“In many cases, the only difference is that we can take into account your real estate history and the specific building and property type you are dealing with.

The difference is how we apply that knowledge to the properties we assess.”

Juhasa says the most important factor is what kind of property you’re buying.

If your condo is going to be used as a hotel or apartments, you want to look for units with a lot more people living in them.

That way, you can see whether or not the units have any condensate storage that might be useful to your buyer, like storage that you can add in and make a profit.

If it’s a condo with no condensates, that means it’s too small and you’ll probably be better off going with a condo that’s more expensive.

But Juhasesz says you should look for the unit that has the most amenities, like a pool or a large kitchen or patio, because they can also help you make a lot less money selling condos.

And if you want a condo to be worth a lot but not the kind that is going for $100,000, then you should get a unit that’s $100 million.

A lot of condos that don’t have any amenities are usually priced too high, Juhassz says.

That can cause a lot issues.

For example, there are some condos that sell for over $500 million and then the appraisal company says it’s probably worth less than $250 million.

And that’s not because the property isn’t nice or that the appraisal isn’t good.

It’s because the appraisal was done poorly, Jusasz says, or because it’s an old condo and is a rarity.

And you shouldn’t just buy a condo and think it’s going to go for $50 million.

“If it’s something that is not going to change in the next few years, then that’s probably not the type of property that you should buy,” she warns.

And there are lots of condo appraising companies that offer an appraisal for condos