Arizona: Unclaimed property owners must return, Arizona’s new law requires

The Arizona legislature passed legislation on Wednesday that would require owners of unclaimed or unclaimed-property property to return it to the state.

Under the bill, property owners who have had their property declared a public nuisance would have to return the property to the owner, the bill states.

The owner would also have to pay for the removal of the property.

Under current law, property can be reclaimed by the owner if the owner chooses.

The bill requires the property owner to pay a fee of up to $1,000.

The property must be returned to the person who owns it.

The Arizona House passed the bill Wednesday morning.

House Majority Leader Kevin Yee, R-Bishop, said in a statement the bill is “important to address the public nuisance problem of unsecured and unclaimed land.”

The bill was introduced last year by Yee and Rep. Jeff Miller, D-Ariz., and passed the Senate in February, but was not signed into law by Gov.

Doug Ducey.

The House and Senate did not have to pass the bill because the governor has not signed it into law.

The bill now moves to the Senate.

The legislation has faced criticism from many who say the law could hurt homeowners, businesses and other property owners.

The House bill is not a new bill.

House Bill 689 was introduced in February by Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R and was considered by the House earlier this year.

Chaffetz’s bill was defeated by a 21-19 vote.

The measure was signed into the law by Duceys signature in February.

Rep. Tim Tebow, R, told reporters that Chaffetz is wrong and that the bill “would do absolutely nothing to protect property owners.”

He said the bill would do nothing to stop the unclaimed, unclaimed lands from being illegally removed by property owners or governments.

He said Chaffetz and others are “showing their contempt” for property owners by calling for the unsold lands to be returned.

Reporter Matthew Miller contributed to this report.