Which of the following properties is most expensive in WV?

Property prices in W.V. vary dramatically across the state, but in the case of WV, they are more than twice as high as in neighboring Virginia, according to a new study by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The analysis shows that the median home in Wv. has an average value of $7,821.

The median home price in Waverly is $8,000.

A study by The American Center for Policy Analysis and the University of California at Berkeley showed that the average home price for Waverley in 2015 was $5,742.

In 2016, Waverlys average home value dropped to $4,837.

Property prices are rising for everyone.

Waverleys median home value was $721 in 2016, up from $704 in 2015.

The average median price of a home in Virginia is $1,500.

Source: U.N. Department for Economic and Social Affairs, The American Council for the Arts, American Council of State Governments