What you need to know about the city’s property tax record

Posted November 07, 2018 12:38:57 Property tax records in the Greater Manchester region are in for a major shake-up after the Government announced a £300m cut in the amount of land it had to hand over to local authorities.

Property managers and local authorities have complained that the Government’s cut has meant they can no longer access tax data that would allow them to plan ahead for the coming tax year.

The Government has announced the tax cuts will cost councils up to £30m over the next three years.

A Government spokesperson said: The cuts are part of a package of measures announced today which includes reducing the tax liability for the highest earners and providing relief for the middle-income earners and those who rely on social housing.

This Government has made an ambitious commitment to transform the way the tax system works in Manchester, making it fairer, simpler and more efficient.

We are committed to working with the community to ensure the impact of these measures is as positive as possible, and we have already started to deliver on that commitment.

More to come.