‘Amethyst’ owner ‘isn’t a big fan’ of the new Disney-Pixar film

The man who bought the $7.5 billion Amethyst estate in Pasco, Florida, for $1.2 billion last year is not a fan of the Disney-produced film.

“I think it’s a bad movie,” said owner Michael Shrimpton, the president of Shrimptons Real Estate Group, the company that bought the property in 2016.

“They’re trying to turn this into a real estate development.

It’s just not going to happen.”

Shrimton is referring to the Pixar film which is currently in pre-production and is slated to open in late 2019.

“We’re trying our best to create something special and make a home for our children,” Shrimption told MTV News, referring to Disney and Pixar.

“Our goal is to make a really beautiful home that’s going to be really special.”

In the movie, a couple who own the Amethyst property, Steven and Pearl, are separated after they marry.

“It was just like ‘Amestia!

Several local residents have spoken out against the film, including owner Scott Johnson, who has been outspoken about the project since the film’s release. “

Shrimtons is not the only property owner in Pascom who has expressed concern about the film.

“The only way to move forward is to let the people who were affected by this film know they have been listened to. “

What I see in this movie is a man who has lost everything he owns,” Johnson said of the film in an interview with WFTS.

We’re not moving. “

If they don’t like this movie, we’re not going anywhere.

We’re not moving.

I’m not moving.”