Virginia’s Unclaimed property report: £4.4bn for land and £1.6bn for buildings

The government has announced £4bn of unclaimed land in England and Wales.

The Office for National Statistics said that this included the £1bn of property in Gloucestershire, which was not included in its previous unclaimed estimate.

The UK government is currently working with the property industry to identify areas of the country where it is able to sell unclaimed properties, and in October announced a £10bn fund to make unclaimed homes available to people.

But it has also made a list of areas where it expects to be able to purchase more property.

The £2.6 billion in unclaimed UK property was reported by the Office for Budget Responsibility in its 2016 Budget, which covers the period from April to June.

The government said it had already purchased more than £1 billion of unsold properties in England, Wales and Scotland, with around £1,500bn of the total property owned by the UK government currently being sold.

The Government said the £4 billion would be allocated to unclaimed estates and the rest would be given to existing UK property owners.

Unclaimed estates: Who’s who?

Unclaimed properties are property that has not been registered in the UK, but the government says it is still in the process of obtaining ownership.

It is not possible to register properties that have not been sold.

For example, there are many cases where unclaimed parcels have been sold but no new owner has been found.

In addition, the Government says it does not expect to acquire ownership of unowned properties for the next three years.

Property that is not registered is classified as a non-property asset, meaning it can be bought by anyone.

It has been estimated that around 1.5m properties are currently in the possession of the government.

The list of unlisted properties can be found here.

Unlisted properties: Who owns them?

The unlisted property industry is a key part of the UK’s property market, with the UK Government providing advice on property ownership.

A new report published by the National Association of Property Agents said that the unlisted sector made up around 8% of the market in the year ending March 2017, while the non-listed sector accounted for 10%.

This is a significant difference, since in most cases the UK property industry operates without a commercial license and does not register its own property.

There are a number of factors that influence the ownership of property, including: the length of time the property is unlisted.