When will you be able to go back? – Jerusalem Post

A Jerusalem woman’s husband was forced to give up his passport and she was forced into a deportation order when she was not able to pay her rent.

A court in Jerusalem ordered the man to give his passport to the state and allow her to go to Israel to apply for refugee status.

The woman has been in Israel since 2014 and was granted temporary residency last year.

Her husband said he is now worried about what will happen to his family.

The couple was planning to move to the United States in January, and the man has had no choice but to hand over his passport.

He was also told to pay his mortgage, which is $1,200.

[email protected] “I am worried about my family,” he said.

“They have no documents, I have no money, I do not have any documents.

I am afraid that my wife is going to be sent back.”

The woman is a Syrian refugee who was able to secure residency in Israel because of a ruling from the High Court of Justice in 2016.

The court ruled that the person was a refugee who had been unlawfully expelled from Syria, but the ruling was overturned by the High Courts of Justice on appeal.

She was able then to apply to Israel for refugee recognition, which she applied for in April.

The High Court also allowed the woman to apply in the European Union, and she now has a permanent residency permit.

But the High court ruled last month that Israel has to allow her entry into the country.

“The High Court ruling that allowed me to enter Israel was overturned, so the High Council must now decide whether to grant her refugee status,” the woman said.

The Council of State and the State Comptroller have said they would consider granting the woman refugee status, but not before the woman has to pay the $1.4 million in damages.

The case was filed against the Ministry of Health in the High Civil Court, which oversees the Israeli immigration system.

A spokesperson for the ministry said it has not received the complaint and is awaiting the High Constitutional Court’s decision.

“We are trying to understand the legal situation, but we do not think there are any obstacles in Israel’s legal system,” he added.

The Ministry of Housing and Construction did not respond to a request for comment.

Jerusalem Post staff contributed to this report.