New York City property search reveals hundreds of thousands of unclaimed properties in the state

New York, NY —  For the past six months, the owner of a Manhattan condominium has been trying to get his property listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The listing, which is part of the city’s Historic Preservation Program, has not yet been completed, and he is still waiting to hear back from the city.

In a recent email, a spokesperson for the city told Polygon that they have received about 500 complaints about the listing.

The city, which owns the listing, told Polygons staff that the listing process will take a few weeks to complete.

New York City’s Historic Properties Program lists approximately 3,000 historic properties across the city, according to a spokesperson.

The city is currently seeking comments on the listing from people who live in New York who want to register their property as a historic landmark.

When the city received the first complaint in May, the program announced that it would be reviewing the listing in June.

The process to get the listing completed has been slow.

Since then, the city has received more than 500 complaints, said the spokesperson.

The representative added that there is no timeline for the process to be completed.

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