Why Maryland’s abandoned properties are still worth $1.6 million

A $1,636,924 property was purchased by a group of former Maryland residents and put up for sale by the state’s Department of Historic Preservation in December.

The property sits in the city of Baltimore’s Historic District, which has been designated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development as an “underutilized asset.”

The group has until the end of June to sell or vacate the property.

The property is located on a former railroad line.

The land is owned by a Maryland-based real estate developer, and it’s one of about 2,000 abandoned properties in the Historic District.

The properties are being considered for redevelopment or sale.

The property was listed for sale in a December auction.

It’s unclear whether the Maryland Department of Cultural Resources or the owner will be responsible for paying the full purchase price.

It’s possible the state will use the money to build new housing.

The owner, the National Park Service, was also responsible for building the National Mall, the Pentagon, the Capitol, the Maryland Zoo, the Baltimore Orioles’ stadium and other buildings in the National Historic Landmark.

While Maryland has had more than 20,000 structures declared historic by the National Register of Historic Places, the state does not have any historic properties.

It also does not track how many properties have been purchased and sold.

Some of the properties are in historic districts, but it’s not clear how many have been bought and sold and what the total value is.