Why I don’t like NJPAT’s property listings

In March, the Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (IIMS) decided to make a policy change.

NJPat was one of the three hospitals that had been listed in a new list that was introduced by the health ministry.

This list of hospitals was supposed to be updated every three months, but only two hospitals were updated in the last five months.

These two were IIMS and a private hospital.

IIMs and the private hospital both received a notification of the policy change on March 8.

“These hospitals have received notification of a change in the policy on property listings,” said Dr G.S. Singh, medical director of IIM’s Centre for Healthcare Management and Research, in an email to NDTV.

The change in policy came after the IIM found that the property listing policy for these two hospitals had been a “waste of time and resources” and had caused unnecessary stress.

“This is a case of management of the hospital by the government not the hospital,” said IIM president Ashok Kumar.

“The policy is an unnecessary and inefficient procedure that is unnecessarily taking the lives of thousands of people,” said N.N. Mishra, president of NJP at IIM.

“We have no reason to complain to the government about the policy,” Mishra added.

However, a spokesperson for NJP said the hospital had “nothing to do with the change in policies”.

IIM officials told NDTV that the hospital’s property listing was made public on March 14 and that it was “an error”.

I am told that NJP is one of only three hospitals in India that was not updated in a similar fashion.

The other two were the Institute of General Surgery (IGS) and the Indian Medical Association (IMA).

The IGI was listed in February 2018 and the IMA in January 2019.

The IMA did not respond to NDtv’s requests for comment.

The IIM is also a member of the All India Institute of Science and Technology (AIIS), an international research institution with research facilities in the US and China.

IIS and AIIS were not included in the latest property listing.


Sankar, the IGP’s head of research and development, told NDtv that IGP was not involved in the decision.

IGP is “very keen on the policy changes and is actively seeking feedback,” he said.

However IGP officials said that they had no specific concerns about the IGI’s property list.

“It’s a matter for IGI,” said Shashank Rao, the head of the IHP’s property department.

IHP officials told IGP that the department was not “actively” looking into the issue.

“I have received no information or notification from IHP regarding any issue,” said Rao.

“If IGP wants to make changes in the property listings of its hospitals, I have no objections,” Rao added.

The AIIS was listed on March 11.

However on March 15, AIIS told ND TV that they were “not involved in this process” and that the policy “is only for AIIS.”

“The property listing for AIES has been updated to remove any reference to AIIS,” said an AIIS spokesperson.

“In our view, the policy for AIEs should be based on the recommendations of the AIHR [Indian Medical Research Council].”

N.K. Srivastava, senior fellow and director at the Delhi-based Institute for Advanced Medical Research (IASR), told ND the AIIS did not comment on policy changes.

IASR is a non-profit research institute with research centres in the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

The institute was established in 2000 and is headquartered in New Delhi.

The policy change was made at the request of IIASR’s director, Rajeev Raghav, and was a reaction to a report by IIS, which claimed that the AIHSA had failed to update the property list for all its hospitals in a timely manner.

The report had found that no Indian government-run hospital had been updated in more than a decade.

“A review of IHAS and AIHS’ property listings by IHR and AIHAS showed that the government-owned and run hospitals were not updated on a timely basis, according to the report,” said Raghavi, in a statement.

IHSA officials did not immediately respond to an email requesting comment.

Dr Sharma, who has been working with AIHIS since 2009, told The Hindu that the decision to update AIHAs property listings “is a positive step” for Indian hospitals.

“As an academic, I don ‘t think the policy is right,” said Sharma.

“But the government should not make it the norm that it is the responsibility of a government to update its own hospitals’ property listing,” he added.

“All hospitals should have the same level of access to the same information, and I would like the government to