MD Real Property Appraiser: $10,000 in SARASOTA property


— A real estate appraiser with the Maryland State Police says the property he is looking to buy includes $10 million worth of property that was allegedly lost or damaged by a hurricane, but the sheriff’s office said Thursday the property has not been recovered.

“The property we are looking to purchase is in Sarasota County,” said Joseph E. Mascarelli, a real estate agent with the state police, in a statement.

“It is in a remote area of the county and we do not have any information as to what the value is.

I do not believe the property is salvageable, and there is nothing that can be recovered from it.”

A statement from the sheriff, Sheriff Michael Flaherty, said the sheriff has not received any information about the property and has no information about where it might be located.

“We are continuing to investigate the incident and are seeking the property owner’s assistance,” Flaherty said.

Mascarello’s attorney, Robert F. O’Brien, said his client, a registered nurse and father of three, had not been notified by authorities of the seizure.

Miscarriage of property is a crime under Maryland law and can carry a maximum penalty of up to a year in prison.