How Bakersfield became the NFL’s new hometown of choice

By BRIAN BOUYSThe Associated Press – Bakersberg, California (AP) The NFL’s decision to move the San Diego Chargers from their home stadium in Bakersburg, California, to Los Angeles is expected to create jobs for the city and make it a destination for tourists and a hub for sports.

The Associated American, citing a city spokesman, reported that Bakersburger, a town of about 2,500 people about an hour west of Los Angeles, was expected to gain up to 250 jobs and boost local tourism to $3.6 million.

Bakersburg has long been considered a hotbed of NFL fans, with fans flocking to games, events and events to watch.

A handful of stadiums, including Qualcomm Stadium and Levi’s Stadium, have been the home of NFL teams since the 1980s.

The Chargers moved to Los Feliz, a suburb east of San Diego, in 2019.

The Chargers will play at Qualcomm Stadium in 2021 and Levi, a venue that was built for the team in 2000, in 2022.

Bakersburgh, home to a football field, a restaurant and a shopping mall, is located along Interstate 880.

It’s expected to be the biggest and most ambitious development of the Los Angeles Chargers’ new stadium in more than a decade.

Bakingham Mayor Greg DeMoro says the city is committed to making it a great place for sports and is hoping to have a team at the new venue by 2021.

The city also plans to spend $200 million to build a convention center, a convention hall and other facilities.

Bakerys plan is part of the $2.5 billion deal the Chargers reached with Los Angeles County in 2019 to construct a new stadium that would be home to the team.

The Rams played at their current home, the Los Inglese Convention Center, from 1976-88.

The Raiders were in B.C. from 1978-85 and played at the Coliseum in Oakland, which is home to Oakland’s Raiders.

The new stadium would replace the aging Qualcomm Stadium, which was built in 1999 for the Los Altos Raiders.

The team had a new home when the Chargers moved.