‘It was all a misunderstanding’: ‘I thought it was my fault’

Posted October 14, 2018 14:29:55 The woman who told a local newspaper her child was killed by a fox on the eve of Christmas was shocked to learn the story was untrue.

The woman said she was walking to her home when a fox ran up behind her and struck her as she was taking a nap in her front yard.

The report has caused widespread confusion and the woman said it was a “very sad day” for her family.

“The family is very upset because it’s a very sad day for them,” the woman told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“It was just a mistake.

It was all the foxes fault.

I don’t know what happened.”

The woman’s son, aged three, is the last of the four foxes to be captured and returned to their natural habitat in December.

The mother said she did not want her son to see the incident unfold in the media.

“I did not mean to hurt anyone.

I just didn’t want anyone to see it,” she said.”

He’s just a little boy, I know him.”

The foxes that killed the family’s son are thought to be between two and five years old.

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