How Pinellas County is saving money and helping the elderly with property management company signs

The Pinellascounty Commission has passed a law that makes it easier for property managers to post signs for property owners who want to share their property with their friends or relatives.

The Pinellassas County Commission unanimously approved the legislation Tuesday.

The law requires property owners to submit a written request to the property manager for their property, the commission said.

The property owner will then get a signed agreement in the first week of February.

Property managers must also have a sign that says, “For Your Use Only.”

The law is meant to provide a more welcoming environment for property and community groups to work together to help manage and preserve their property.

The legislation also helps protect the privacy of property owners, commissioners said.

The measure comes as the county is facing increased scrutiny about the state’s property management laws.

A group of homeowners sued the Pinellacounty Commission last year, alleging that they were unfairly singled out for public scrutiny.

In June, a federal judge ruled in favor of the homeowners.

The state attorney general has been working with the commission on a resolution, and Pinellastown Councilman Chris Gaffney said the commission has agreed to follow suit.

The measure is not a law, he said.

“The commission has a duty to protect the public from improper or inappropriate property management practices and is not able to enforce a rule or regulation,” Gaffey said.