What to Know About The ‘Worst’ Property Owners in Your City

Share The first installment of a two-part series examining what people in your city pay to rent out their homes.

The article includes some interesting data on how much property owners in the Bay Area pay for their homes, but also highlights some property owners that pay less than others.

The top three cities for homeowners in the U.S. pay the least for their properties, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

The median property owner in San Francisco, which has a population of around 6 million, pays about $6,000 to $8,000 per year for a one-bedroom apartment.

It’s far below the national median, at $16,500, but it’s more than a 10 percent increase over last year.

The Bay Area’s median household income, at about $56,000, is more than double that of the nation’s average, at just under $40,000.

The second installment of the series focuses on the top 10 most expensive neighborhoods in the country for property owners.

These are the neighborhoods with the highest median rents and median income, according the U