How to find the property tax refund your home is owed

If you’re looking to lower your property tax bill, or have questions about the Missouri Unclaimed Property Tax Credit, this article is for you.

The Missouri Property Tax Refund Program, or MPR, allows eligible property owners to claim the refund of up to $25,000.

That is a significant amount of money that will go a long way toward helping to lower the costs associated with a property tax audit.

The program also allows you to deduct the actual costs of an audit from your taxes.

The program was created in 2015 to assist property owners in avoiding an audit.

As of March, the program had an estimated $1.3 billion in annual revenue for the state.

The MPR program is administered by the Missouri Department of Revenue and the Missouri Tax Credit Office.

The Missouri Tax Credits are a program that provides credit for property taxes paid and assessed to a state agency or an individual.

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