“Flexibility and flexibility are not mutually exclusive” — and you can buy them together

Flexibility and customization are two of the most powerful tools in the home improvement market.But a lot of home improvement is done in a very rigid way, with lots of “what if” scenarios and a lot more strict adherence to what is “right” or “best” for your project.The result is a lot that feels like

How to get rid of a Dallas property tax bill

By Daniel HallettPublished May 03, 2018 10:03:32In the United States, the value of a property tax is calculated based on the annual value of its buildings and property.In Dallas, the property tax value can be calculated based solely on its land.However, there are several other property tax values that can be applied to a property.For

“The Legend of Korra” Season 3 Trailer: A Bigger, Stronger, Bolder Force

The Legend of the Korra: A New Era is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.The trailer features an introduction from the cast, along with a behind-the-scenes look at the first half of the new season.The full trailer, including a Q&A with Executive Producer & Chief Creative Officer of Nickelodeon, Michael Dante DiMartino, is available on

Calgary Property Search Guide: The Trapezoid Property Management Guide to Calgary

Calgary Property search is a quick, easy way to find the perfect property for your home or business.Here are the key features of Calgary PropertySearch: Search in-person with a Calgary property manager (or by phone, fax or email).Search in property listings, real estate websites, realtor.com, realestate.com.au, and other property websites.Use the search bar to quickly

How much can you recover for the $3 million of unclaimed land in the ACT?

Posted August 13, 2018 16:34:50 The land is now owned by the ACT Government.It was estimated to have a value of about $3.2 million.The Government has put it up for sale in an auction.If you or someone you know has been left without title to your property in the state of Queensland, you could be